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Welcome to the NL Scout Meeting

Four times a year, representatives from players in the North Sea Exploration & Production business meet in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The idea to revive the Exploration & Production Scout Meetings in the Netherlands was put forward in 2007 by Peter Veenhof and Joop Slager. The first NL Scout Meeting was held in February 2008. The meeting is viewed as a way of enabling E&P professionals from different companies to meet and have contacts in an informal atmosphere. The objective is to stimulate activity of the participants in the North Sea Exploration and Production business by providing an occasion where people in the industry can get to know each other and the Dutch industry in an informal setting.

At the moment, the NL Scout Meeting, including lunch, takes place approximately every 3 months. The event is sponsored by a participating company each time.

Current attendance includes representatives from more than 30 E&P companies coming from Australia, Germany, Japan and the UK, as well as from most of the E&P companies active in the Netherlands.

Information concerning participation and sponsoring can be directed to one of the members of the Steering Committee.

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